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ITF demands action for stranded Moroccan crews

17 February 2012

The ITF is working with Morocco’s Union Marocaine du Travail (UMT) to help over 100 Moroccan seafarers stranded in Algeciras, Spain and now in desperate conditions, facing shortages of food, fuel and pay.

The seafarers are on four Moroccan-flagged vessels – Ibn Batuta, Al Mansour, El Boughaz and Banasa – owned by the Moroccan ferry company Comarit/Comanav. The company, which is still functioning short of bankruptcy, had laid up 11 ships in Spanish, French and Moroccan ports.  
Some crewmembers have not been paid for up to five months, and their provisions, fuel and water were nearly exhausted. Union intervention has secured sufficient diesel for four or five days.
The ITF and UMT are appealing for the company to pay all its crews, and for the Moroccan government’s Maritime Authority and Transport Ministry to intervene to ensure this.

Are you having problems with getting your pay in full? If you are, this could be a sign that your company is in economic trouble. You should contact your union or the ITF directly as soon as possible to protect your wages and employment.

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