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ITF helps abandoned crew get back wages and return home

20 March 2017

The crew of a ship left abandoned and unpaid in Algeria have finally been able to return home with all their back pay, thanks to the assistance of the ITF.

The 17 crew members of the Turkish-owned, Panama-flagged Sea Honest had been left stranded without pay or provisions since July 2016. With the help of ITF inspector Mohamed Arrachedi, 13 Indian and two Turkish seafarers have now received all their back pay and returned home; a further two Indian seafarers who have been paid have opted to remain on board.

Mr Arrachedi explained that the crew have now received owed wages totalling USD151,823, and added that: “Their patience and resolution has paid off, and we all appreciate the help given them by Algerian trade unions, the port authority of Algiers Port and the embassies of India and Turkey. Without their and the ITF’s help these men would have starved.”

A thank-you letter to Mohamed Arrachedi from one of the crew members paid tribute to the ITF for its support during the crew’s seven-month ordeal: “We would like our fellow seafarers to know that we are not alone. The ITF is always with us to support us in all possible ways. Don’t be afraid in any such situation; approach them and your problems will be looked after.”


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