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Warning on “Azamara Club Cruise” jobs scam

5 January 2018

Seafarers and cruise job seekers are reminded to be on their guard against unsolicited offers of apparently lucrative jobs on board cruise ships. These emails are part of a continuous cycle of scams where the sender aims to entice people to part with their money for non-existent jobs. 

The latest such scam doing the rounds purports to come from “Azamara Club Cruise Australia”. It comes from an email address in Portugal, and the giveaway that it is a scam is that it asks would-be recruits to reply to a Yahoo email address. It claims to offer 182 jobs in positions ranging from engine room staff to accountants.

In an attempt to appear “genuine” the email lists the official Azmara website. It presumably thinks that job applicants won’t find the “phishing” warning on Azmara’s website, which points to an increase in scam e-mails and advises individuals how to protect themselves by visiting the US government website: Azmara points out that: “we will never ask you for bank account or credit card information”.

For genuine jobs at Azmara Cruises, visit:

--------------------------IS IT A RECRUITMENT SCAM?------------------------- 

Please contact us on if you hear of any employment scams! Read the following article for advice on checking out job offers:


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