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Union wins back pay for superyacht crew owed $1m

9 March 2018

The maritime union Nautilus International has won back wages owed to the crew of a superyacht that was abandoned in September with four months’ pay due.

More than 40 crew members were employed on the Isle of Man-flagged Indian Empress when they were left stranded in Malta. This followed the arrest of multi-millionaire Indian owner Vijay Mallya in the UK in response to the Indian’s government request for his extradition to stand trial over alleged debts. Mr Mallya owns the Kingfisher beer company and the Force India Formula One team. The crew were abandoned with unpaid wages totalling more than USD1 million.

Nautilus used the provisions of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC) to secure the payment of four months’ unpaid wages to the crew, totalling more than USD615,000. The union has now had the vessel arrested in Malta to recover the outstanding wages owed to crew members, ranging from USD6,250 to more than USD92,000 each, as well as other costs, totalling USD330,00. 

Commenting on behalf of the union, director of legal services Charles Boyle said that: “The superyacht sector is seen as one of glamour and glitz, but the sad reality is that crew members can experience exploitation and abuse … [Nautilus’s] ability to enforce the financial security provisions of the MLC – for the first time in the superyacht industry – shows the vital importance of this international measure and the ‘safety net’ amendments which were introduced to protect crew members.”

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