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SOS campaign targets CEOs

27 January 2012

The international anti-piracy SOS Save Our Seafarers campaign, launched last March, is to lobby business leaders to increase international pressure on governments to take firmer action against Somali piracy.

Campaign chair Giles Heimann, said: “These criminal gangs are holding the world economy to ransom. Hundreds of seafarers have been held hostage and the physical and mental ill-treatment they are forced to suffer makes horrifying reading.  Sixty-five seafarers have died as a direct result of Somali piracy in the past five years, through torture, murder, suicide, malnutrition and disease.  The potential economic impact of the crisis is hugely disturbing given the knife edge on which the global economy is currently perched."

The campaign will be contacting chief executive officers in business corporations such as JCB, Tesco, Balfour Beatty and Vodaphone to warn them of piracy's threat to business because of its "severe restrictions to one fifth of the world’s major sea trade routes.

“We hope that, in turn, they will bring pressure upon their respective governments to eliminate the piracy threat.”
SOS Save Our Seafarers

Visit the SOS Save Our Seafarers campaign website:

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