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New Zealand dockers will not be silenced

16 February 2012

Dockers in the port of Auckland*
Dockers protesting in the port of Auckland [Photo: MUNZ, CC by 2.0]*

Dockers in the port of Auckland are refusing to be cowed by management who are taking action to silence their union.

The ITF-affiliated Maritime Union of New Zealand, faced with legal action from Ports of Auckland Limited (POAL) management to prevent the union from communicating with the public, have vowed that they will not be silenced or threatened. The union and POAL are locked in a dispute about job security and union rights.

Maritime Union of New Zealand national president Garry Parsloe said that the union would continue to present the facts to the public so that they could make up their own mind.

“We believe in free speech and taking our case to the people of Auckland, the owners of the port.”

“The Ports of Auckland management believe they have the right to decide what Aucklanders are allowed to read, hear or view.”

Parsloe said that the union was prepared to suspend industrial action if management was willing to negotiate rather than dictate and bully.

A week-long partial strike started at Ports of Auckland on 15 February, with workers refusing to work with containers moved by outsourced labour at POAL subsidiary Conlinxx. In addition, a further one-week strike notice has been placed on the port starting on 2 March; this will follow a full one-week strike that is due to begin on 24 February.

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