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Welcome to ITF Seafarers Maritime News. Here you will find news stories from around the world about your industry and the people who work in it. The archive below is arranged chronologically with the most recent stories appearing first – please use the drop-down menus to further refine your search by year or keyword.  

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29 January 2016
More migrants drown in Aegean shipwrecks

29 January 2016
ITF makes a stand against criminalisation of seafarers

29 January 2016
New joint guidance on preventing bullying at sea

14 January 2016
MV Portland crew removed by force

14 January 2016
Italy tries captain for 800 migrant deaths

14 January 2016
India jails anti-piracy patrol crew

8 January 2016
Refugee Drownings Continue Into 2016

8 January 2016
ITF Backs Fight to Save MV Portland jobs

8 January 2016
Armed Robbers Still A Threat

23 December 2015
Refugees continue to drown as 1m reach Europe

18 December 2015
UK detains seven foreign ships

18 December 2015
Attacks on shipping – South East Asian hotspots

18 December 2015
NZ union concerns about cuts to ship inspections

18 December 2015
Jobs scam – beware of unsolicited approaches

14 December 2015
Another cruise job scam – 'NCL"

11 December 2015
US detains ship on Great Lakes for alleged oil pollution

11 December 2015
Migrant children drown as Mediterranean crossings continue

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