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Seafarers' Bulletin 23/2009 English

Date published:  19 Jun 2009
Date reviewed:  24 Jun 2009
Source:  ITF Publications


This publication is available to download in the following languages:

ARA رة البحارة رقم 23 / 20 (2203kb)
ENG Seafarers' Bulletin 23/2009 English (1274kb)
IND Seafarers' Bulletin No 23 Indonesian (1680kb)
POL Biuletyn Marynarski nr23/2009 (5855kb)
SPA Seafarers' Bulletin No 23 Spanish (1333kb)
TGL Seafarers Bulletin Tagalog blg.23/2009 (1764kb)
TUR Denizciler Bulteni n0 23/2009 (1822kb)
ZHO Seafarers Bulletin Chinese no 23/2009 (3164kb)
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