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How to use the ship look up

Search using the IMO number will result in one vessel's detail being displayed. Search using the ship's name may result in a number of vessels being displayed, from which you can choose the appropriate match.

The results will show:

  • Whether or not an ITF agreement is in place on the ship

If a vessel is covered by an ITF agreement it means that the crew are entitled to minimum employment standards and decent wages. You can view more on ITF agreements using the link on the right of this page.

Where an ITF agreement exists, this tool will show:

  • What type of ITF agreement it is
  • Who the agreement is signed by (company and union)
  • When the agreement starts and ends

This tool will also show you the latest:

  • Crew details (number, nationality and date)
  • ITF Inspection details*, including:
  • Date, port and country of Inspection
  • Problems found (e.g. low wages, etc)
  • Outcome of the inspection

If you want more information about a particular ship, please contact the ITF directly using the link on the right of this page.

* Inspection details are only shown where there is NO current ITF agreement on the ship