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For further information relating to the work of the ITF Seafarers’ Section and our affiliated seafarer unions working with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), International Labour Organisation (ILO), the International Chamber of Shipping and other international organisations.

Please email or visit our ITF Seafarers Support Facebook page


For further information relating to the work of the ITF Dockers’ section and our affiliated dockworker unions.

Please email or visit our ITF Dockers Facebook page


For further information relating to the ITF’s Health and Wellbeing programme, or if you have a particular question.

Please email or visit our ITF Wellbeing Facebook page


Job Scam

If you would like to report a crewing/manning agent for charging fees for employment on board a vessel or a fake job scam. Please provide as much information as possible when contacting us.
Please email

Cargo Handling/Lashing

To report an incident of cargo handling or lashing/unlashing by seafarers.
Please email

Fishers’ Assistance

If you are working on a fishing vessel and would like assistance
Please email

Seafarers’ Assistance

The ITF has more than 140 Inspectors and contacts in over 50 countries who can provide assistance if you have a problem.  To contact an ITF Inspector click on Look Up or alternatively you can download the free ITF Seafarers app that is available on the Google Play and Apple stores

If you cannot reach an ITF inspector, you can contact our dedicated seafarers’ support team.


WhatsApp/Viber         +44 7523 515097

SMS                             +44 7523 515097

Facebook                    ITF Seafarers Support Facebook page

When contacting the ITF for assistance please ensure you provide the following information will help us to deal with your issue more effectively:

  • Your (name, rank, nationality)
  • Your ship (name, flag, IMO number, ship type)
  • Your location (current port, sail date, next port, ETA)
  • Your problem (brief description)
  • Your contact details (phone number, email address)