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News | 03 Jun 2024

Fighting for rights: ITF inspectors stand strong for seafarers in record-breaking year of shame

2023 was the worst year ever seen for seafarer abandonment – and ITF inspectors recovered nearly US$60 million in unpaid wagesThe ITF’s global network of...

News | 30 May 2024 Press Release

Seafarer free after 12 years

Abdul Nasser Saleh is finally home with his family in Egypt, the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) is delighted to announce. Twelve years ago,...

News | 22 May 2024 Press Release

Gabon and Eswatini listed as Flags of Convenience

The International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) adds two new countries to its longstanding list of Flags of Convenience. Two ship registries strongly...

News | 16 May 2024 Press Release

Seafarers pay the price for the murky business of ship nationality

Incidents in the Red Sea illustrate the dangers of allowing ‘flags of convenience’ to proliferate.Jacqueline Smith, Maritime Coordinator at the International...

News | 13 May 2024 Press Release

P&O boss’ misleading wages claim an attempt to spin away company’s appalling seafarer exploitation

Ferry CEO Peter Hebblethwaite pulls wool over MPs’ eyes by claiming to pay more than double an internationally agreed seafarer wage Disgraced P&O boss Peter...

News | 13 May 2024

Australian strategic fleet will underpin importance of shipping

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) welcomes the Australian Government’s budget announcement of funding for an Australian Strategic Fleet in...

News | 02 May 2024 Press Release

A stain on the global maritime industry: seafarers in dire conditions on Middle East Marine vessels

In the worst case of serial seafarer abandonment ever seen, the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) condemns Middle East Marine LLC for its...

News | 29 Apr 2024 Press Release

Danish dockers’ action and international solidarity wins improved conditions for seafarers

Rallying of trade union support from Belgium, Australia and the USA crucial to new terms on ship working to install wind turbines with world’s largest offshore...