What does the MLC say about employment agreements?

You are entitled to a fair employment agreement or contract setting out decent living and working conditions on board. It must be signed by you and your employer, be easy to understand and legally enforceable.

All information on the terms and conditions of employment, including the CBA, must be freely accessible to everyone on board and available for inspection in port.
Your employment agreement must contain:

  • Your full name, date of birth/age and place of birth.
  • Shipowner’s name and address.
  • Place and date when the agreement was signed.
  • Your position on board.
  • The amount of your wages and how they are calculated.
  • The amount of paid annual leave.
  • Conditions for terminating the contract, including notice period where applicable.
  • Expiry date if the contract is for a fixed term.
  • Port of destination – and how long after arrival you will be discharged, if the contract is for a specific voyage.
  • Health and social security benefits provided by the shipowner.
  • Your entitlement to repatriation.
  • Reference to the CBA, if applicable.