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Thanks and Acknowledgements

ITF Seafarers would like to thank a number of contributors, whose work has been integral to the development of this website.

For the generous permission to use his photography, Steven Bruijneel has been a great help on this project – you can view more of his work here: www.dockwork.be.

ITF Seafarers would like to thank Henk Wildschut and Raimond Wouda for the kind permission to use their photography taken from the book 'Sandrien'.

ITF Seafarers would also like to thank the Seafarers International Research Centre (SIRC), based at the School of Social Sciences, University of Cardiff, Wales, for permission to reproduce and link to two of its studies on this site.

Finally, ITF Seafarers is grateful to Michael Rioja for the use of his image on the site's homepage.