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Seafarer Abandonment

Every year, the ITF and its affiliates deal with a number of cases of ‘abandonment’, where a shipowner ‘abandons’ their responsibilities for the ship and its crew.

The Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC) states that abandonment occurs when a shipowner;

  • fails to cover the cost of the seafarer’s repatriation; or
  • has left the seafarer without the necessary maintenance and support; or
  • has otherwise unilaterally severed their ties with the seafarer including failure to pay contractual wages for a period of at least two months’

When this happens, ITF Seafarer Support and our team of Inspectors will try their best to repatriate the crew and recover any outstanding wages.

All of the cases listed here have been reported to the International Labour Organization’s Abandonment of Seafarers database which provides further details, and also provides information on cases reported by governments and other organisations.

Get in touch about abandonment:

  • If you’re a seafarer who thinks your ship may have been abandoned, you should contact ITF Seafarer Support
  • If you’re a journalist interested in learning more about one or several of these abandonment cases, please contact the ITF’s media team

Note: The Resolved cases listed below will be periodically removed to ensure that it remains manageable 

Vessel Name IMO Flag Port Country Sort descending Owed Wages Seafarers Nationalities Reported to ITF Status
FREEDOM 8943533 Togo Bejaia Algeria tbc 6 Ghana, Serbia, Togo, Ukraine Open
GIBRALTAR 8505678 Bahrain Hidd Bahrain tbc 18 Philippines, Russia Open
SRAKANE 8509703 Panama Santos Brazil tbc 15 Georgia, Montenegro, Ukraine Open
ONDA 8912467 Togo Douala Cameroon $11,500 4 Cameroon, Sao Tome Open
FRIO V 8216722 Cameroon Las Palmas Canary Islands tbc 17 Russia, Ukraine Open
ANGELIC POWER 9250189 Greece Guishan Anchorage China 5 months 15 Greece, Phillipines Open
NEW ORION 9250141 Cameroon Jiangyin China $330,000 9 Georgia, Russia, Ukraine Open
HUA JIAN 1 7908732 Togo Fuzhou China $115,000 11 Myanmar Open
GS SPRING 9081382 St. Kitts & Nevis Ningbo China tbc 5 Myanmar Open
NISSI COMMANDER I 8705333 Mongolia Santa Marta Colombia tbc 15 Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Panama, Peru Open
KAYKAY 1 8108949 Bolivia San Pedro de Macoris Dominican Republic $63,233 18 Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras Open
AMAN 9215517 Bahrain Suez Egypt tbc 16 Egypt, India, Syria Open
KENEN MATE 8701935 Panama Adabiya Egypt tbc 25 Georgia, India, Russia, Syria, Ukraine Open
MELIMASS 9135482 Cook Islands Suez Egypt $244,460 22 India, Syria Open
PRESIDENT 8410665 Panama Georgetown Guyana 3 months 15 Venezuela Open
SEA GLORIA 9005053 Panama Asaluyah Iran 3 months 22 Azerbaijan, Ukraine Open
SAEB 9415387 Panama Lengeh Iran $85,500 13 Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Phillipines, Sri Lanka, Tanzania Open
SAMED 9415375 Panama Lengeh Iran $83,521 15 Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Phillipines, Sri Lanka, Tanzania Open
ULA 8102414 Palau Asaluyeh Iran tbc 20 Bangladesh, Georgia, India, Turkey Open
KHOSROV BEY 9437347 Malta Oristano Italy $263,000 15 Azerbaijan, Turkey, Ukraine Open
SULTAN BEY 9437799 Malta Ravenna Italy €240,000 14 Azerbaijan, Turkey, Ukraine Open
GOBUSTAN 9575321 Malta Ravenna Italy $208,060 13 Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine Open
ASSO 6 7946875 Togo Palermo Italy $50,000 9 Ukraine Open
BELLA 8319964 Cameroon Messina Italy $51,830 6 Russia, Ukraine Open
ZEYNALABHIN TAGIYEV 9356957 Malta Venice Italy $225,402 13 Azerbaijan Resolved
GENERAL SHIKLINSKY 9437775 Malta Oristano Italy $222,000 14 Azerbaijan Open
CHENG LU 1 9373151 Panama Yatsushiro Japan tbc 15 China, Myanmar Open
JINAN 8322844 Tanzania Mombasa Kenya $309,290 18 Syria Open
CAPTAIN NAGDALIYEV 9575307 Malta Beirut Lebanon tbc 4 Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey Open
ORIENTAL DRAGON 7125861 Panama Penang Malaysia tbc 243 China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Ukraine Open
VIET TIN 01 8508838 Vietnam Pasir Gudang Malaysia $91,800 13 Vietnam Open
SEA CORAL 9077886 Cook Islands Johor Bahru Malaysia $253,026 25 Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar Resolved
HOOP 8506024 Panama Hansweert Netherlands $58,554 4 Algeria, India Open
STEVIA 8107000 Cameroon Lagos Nigeria tbc 15 Albania, Ukraine Open
ALI BEY 9070515 Panama Constanta Romania $256,010 12 Syria Open
HADI 9463827 Bahrain Port Tanagih Saudi Arabia $132,000 16 Egypt, India, Sri Lanka, Russia, Ukraine Open
MARIAMA 8346606 Ukraine Freetown Sierra Leona 6 months 3 Russia, Ukraine Open
GEORGIY N/A Ukraine Freetown Sierra Leone 6 months 4 Ukraine, Russia Open
MEDI HAKATA 9708746 Panama Durban South Africa 6 months 19 Myanmar Open
GHENA 8303989 Panama Las Palmas Spain 4 months 74 Colombia, Jordan, Phillipines Resolved
SEA CONDOR 8521059 Mongolia Cadiz Spain tbc 3 Myanmar Open
CARIBANA EXPRESS 7816123 Panama Castellon Spain tbc 5 Cuba, Panama Resolved
SAI ARAMBH 9115456 India Colombo Sri Lanka tbc 19 India Open
LADY CAROLINE 7909619 Syria Latakia Syria tbc 6 India Open
RITCHI MARU 8805779 Sierra Leone Kaohsiung Taiwan $338,000 14 China, India, Myanmar Open
AN DA 8742379 Sierra Leone Koahsiung Taiwan $24,000 4 Myanmar Open
KUMI MARU NO 3 8879055 Unknown Kaohsiung Taiwan $53,200 10 China, Indonesia, Myanmar Open
DE YUN 9036894 Belize Taipei Taiwan 19 months 8 China, Myanmar Open
TU HAI DA 8347882 China Taipei Taiwan $280,000 4 Myanmar Open
JOLLY LIZZY 7813145 Togo Lome Togo $83,820 6 Ghana, Togo Open
BTMAX 1 8108949 Bolivia Port of Spain Trinidad tbc 8 Honduras Open
MUBARIZ IBRAHIMOV 9575292 Malta Istanbul Turkey $220,000 10 Azerbaijan, Russia Open
LERIK 9575319 Malta Istanbul Turkey $301,941 10 Azerbaijan, Russia Open
SHOVKET ALEKPEROVA 9633549 Malta Istanbul Turkey $222,087 12 Azerbaijan, Russia Open
QUEEN LUCA 9102198 Panama Kumkepi Anchorage Turkey 3 months 23 India, Turkey Open
OLGA GOLOVUSHKINA 9736688 Malta Istanbul Turkey $308,805 tbc tbc Open
BAKHTIYAR VAHABZADE 9574345 Malta Istanbul Turkey $345,252 12 Azerbaijan, Russia Open
MUGAN 9575333 Malta Istanbul Turkey $262,404 tbc tbc Open
SEA POWER 9322126 Marshall Islands Jebel Ali-Dubai UAE $20,468 25 Greece, India, Philippines Open
SALA 1 9084516 Panama Hamriyah UAE tbc 22 India Open
STERLING 8413174 St Kitts & Nevis Khor Fakkan UAE $21,200 2 Indonesia, Sri Lanka Open
MARSOL DRAGON 9645968 Panama Abu Dhabi UAE $131,288 20 Egypt, India, Ukraine Open
AIZDIHAR 8906846 Tanzania Sharjah UAE $195,000 26 Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Syria, Open
SEA PRINCESS 8607634 Cook Islands Khor Fakkan UAE $16,162 12 India Resolved
GAS ROMA 9046784 Panama Khor Fakkan UAE 3 months 25 Moldova, Russia, Ukraine Open
NEREUS 9160308 Panama Dubai UAE $284,739 14 Sri Lanka Open
BADER III 7504598 Bahamas Fujairah Anchorage UAE 3 months 74 Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Pgillipines, Sudan Resolved
LUA 9557630 Panama Fujairah UAE $260,928 21 Pakistan Resolved
BAHMAN DISCOVERY 7303085 Panama Ajman UAE tbc 10 India, Sri Lanka Open
GAS AMAZON 9038763 Panama Khor Fakkan UAE $226,000 17 Ukraine Open
UNSM POWER 9332573 Panama Mina Zayed UAE tbc 11 Indonesia, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine Open
STEADY KESTREL 9754264 Singapore Hamriya Freeport UAE 3 months 15 India, Indonesia, Jordan, Phillipines, Russia, Ukraine Open