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Seafarer Abandonment

Every year, the ITF and its affiliates deal with a number of cases of ‘abandonment’, where a shipowner ‘abandons’ their responsibilities for the ship and its crew.

The Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC) states that abandonment occurs when a shipowner;

  • fails to cover the cost of the seafarer’s repatriation; or
  • has left the seafarer without the necessary maintenance and support; or
  • has otherwise unilaterally severed their ties with the seafarer including failure to pay contractual wages for a period of at least two months’

When this happens, ITF Seafarer Support and our team of Inspectors will try their best to repatriate the crew and recover any outstanding wages.

All of the cases listed here have been reported to the International Labour Organization’s Abandonment of Seafarers database which provides further details, and also provides information on cases reported by governments and other organisations.

Get in touch about abandonment:

  • If you’re a seafarer who thinks your ship may have been abandoned, you should contact ITF Seafarer Support
  • If you’re a journalist interested in learning more about one or several of these abandonment cases, please contact the ITF’s media team

Note: The Resolved cases listed below will be periodically removed to ensure that it remains manageable 

Vessel Name IMO Flag Port Country Owed Wages Seafarers Nationalities Reported to ITF Sort ascending Status
AZZA 9208473 Panama Sharjah anchorage UAE 4 months 19 Egypt, India, Montenegro, Pakistan Open
C3 RUBICON 9137856 Unknown Cagliari Italy 3 months 11 Croatia, Georgia, Montenegro Open
MONARCH PRINCESS 8765515 Vanuatu Fort Pierce, Florida USA 2 months 5 Panama, Peru Open
EOILIKA 8214968 Guyana Dakar Senegal 4 months 4 India, Ukraine Open
JIAN YE 8805262 Togo Kaohsiung Taiwan 2 months 9 China, Indonesia Open
MANTRA 8708660 Bahamas Balboa Anchorage Panama 2 months 19 Colombia, Georgia, India, Panama, Philippines, Ukraine Open
GLOBAL HAWK 9422859 Cook Islands Suakin Sudan 2 months 12 India Open
PURAVALAN 1 9072989 Palau Malé Maldives 3 months 12 India Open
HUNTER 8721155 Belize Las Palmas Spain tbc 22 Russian, Ukraine Open
BADER III 7504598 Panama 6 months 74 Eygpt, Jordan, Pakistan, Philippines Open
GHENA 8303939 Panama Montevideo Anchorage Uruguay 2 months 74 Colombia, Jordan, Philippines Open
MERMAID 9330020 St Kitts & Nevis Al Hamriyah UAE 3 months 20 Georgia, India, Russia, Ukraine Open
CLEANTEC 9473418 Hong Kong Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire 4 months 24 China, Myanmar Open
OCEAN EXPLORER 9303637 Panama Mumbai India 5 months 19 Eritrea, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Syria, Tanzania Open
NEFELIN Ukraine Dakar Senegal 3 months 9 Africa, Moldova, Ukraine Open
NOVA CALEDONIA 8518807 Congo Novadhibou Mauritania 2 months 20 Congo, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Ukraine Open
DUYEN HAI 1 9218064 Panama Labuan Malaysia 2 months 18 Vietnam Open
KUBILAI KHAN 8913722 Congo Boma Congo 2 months 14 Estonia, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine Open
EMIRATES WESTERN 2000 7321647 St Kitts & Nevis Suez Egypt 4 months 11 Egypt, Philippines Open
PRUVALINE 7615232 Sao Tome & Principe Tripoli Lebanon 9 months 13 Egypt, India, Libya, Syria Open
NARI NOX 9115432 Comoros Khor Fakkan anchorage UAE 4 months 11 India Open
OCEAN TRADER 9056739 Comoros Jebel Ali UAE 9 months 14 India Open
OCEAN FORCE 8215613 Belize Philadelphia USA 3 months 7 Kazakhstan, Ukraine Open
ELITA 7601073 Guyana Cartagena Spain tbc 13 Cyprus, India, Syria Open
HILMI K 8101628 St Vincent & The Grenadines Martas Port Turkey 1 month 10 Pakistan, Philippines Open
TAI FENG (JING SHAN 1) 8558340 Togo An-Ping Taiwan 4 months 12 China, Myanmar, Taiwan Open
ANTARCTIC DREAM 5278432 Mongolia Mina Khalid UAE 3 months 25 India, Indonesia, Philippines, Romania, Sri Lanka Open
CUTETA 8605935 Angola Dakar Senegal 12 months 35 Guinea Bissau, Angola, Cape Verde, Cuba Open
MWANI QATAR 4 9105011 Qatar Doha Qatar 4 months 7 Bangladesh, Pakistan, Syria Open
BGMS CRYSTAL 9715062 Marshall Islands Hamriyah Free Zone UAE 5 months 14 Egypt, India, Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine Open
IKAN SELIGI 9479058 Panama Manila Philippines 3 months 7 China Open
Al MAHA 9053816 Palau Sohar OLP anchorage Oman 3 months 14 India, Ukriane Open
GAS ROMA 9046784 Panama Khor Fakkan UAE 3 months 25 Latvia, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine Open
HIMS 12 9645956 Panama Dubai UAE 3 months 17 Egypt, Eritrea, India, Indonesia, Philippines Open
TIMGAD 9697337 Algeria Ghent Belgium tbc 20 Algeria Open
RA-HORAKHTY 8805298 Kenya Mombasa Kenya tbc 16 Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia Open
AG MARS 9337315 Liberia Karachi Pakistan 3 months 23 India Open
SERRANO 9167083 Togo Jebel Ali UAE 3 months 19 Egypt Open
SEA CONDOR 8520159 Mongolia Cadiz Spain tbc 3 Myanmar Open
STEADY KESTREL 9754264 Singapore Hamriya Freeport UAE 3 months 15 India, Indonesia, Jordan, Phillipines, Russia, Ukraine Open
SAEB 9415387 Panama Lengeh Iran $85,500 13 Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Phillipines, Sri Lanka, Tanzania Open
SAMED 9415375 Panama Lengeh Iran $83,521 15 Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Phillipines, Sri Lanka, Tanzania Open
RAHA 8514497 Tanzania Buscher Iran tbc 4 Indian, Iran Open
HADI 27 9463827 Bahrain Port Tanagih Saudi Arabia $132,000 16 Egypt, India, Sri Lanka, Russia, Ukraine Open
NAFISA 1 9157179 Sri Lanka Mumbai India tbc 11 India Open
TAKAVAR 5 7378169 Iran Bandar Iman Khomeini Iran 12 months 4 Iran, Pakistan Open
GAS AMAZON 9038763 Panama Khor Fakkan UAE $226,000 17 Ukraine Open
SHAHIN KISH 9828168 Iran Bandar Abbas Iran tbc 7 Indian, Iran Open
SEA POWER 9322126 Marshall Islands Jebel Ali UAE $20,468 25 Greece, India, Philippines Open
STERLING 8413174 St Kitts & Nevis Khor Fakkan UAE $21,200 2 Indonesia, Sri Lanka Open
SHETAB 9208019 Iran Kish Iran 10 months 7 Ethiopia, India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka Open
ALI BEY 9070515 Panama Constanta Romania $256,010 12 Syria Open
AIZDIHAR 8906846 Tanzania Sharjah UAE $195,000 26 Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Syria, Open
YU HAI DA 8347882 China Taipei Taiwan $280,000 4 Myanmar Open
SAI ARAMBH 9115456 India Colombo Sri Lanka tbc 19 India Open
GS SPRING 9081382 St. Kitts & Nevis Ningbo China tbc 5 Myanmar Open