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Pirates might have a romantic image, but modern piracy is a criminal menace that is a threat to the lives and livelihoods of many seafarers.

In recent years, thousands of seafarers have been killed, injured, assaulted, taken hostage or threatened as piracy and armed robbery have increased dramatically.

What can be done to combat piracy?
The ITF believes that a range of measures are needed to prevent piracy and the dangers it poses to seafarers. These include:
   •  International assistance for those States willing to combat piracy but who lack the means.
   •  International pressure to address the problem of states not willing to take remedial action when piracy takes place in their 
       jurisdiction, on their flagged vessels or affects their nationals.
   •  Action by coastal States when requested, including criminal proceedings, with no undue delay of vessel and/or crew
   •  Flag States to assist vessels flying their flag who are victims of piracy
   •  States to assist their seafarer nationals who are victims of piracy
   •  Close cooperation between all partners in the shipping industry to fight these crimes
   •  Greater awareness and vigilance by seafarers about the dangers of piracy and armed robbery
   •  Immediate reporting of all incidents, including the nationality of seafarer victims
   •  Greater use of equipment such as CCTV to detect and deter attack