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ITF announce plans for Mexico growth

12 Mar 2020

The ITF and its affiliated unions in Mexico have announced a growth plan to ensure the rights of working people are central to transport expansion in the country.

To initiate this, the ITF national coordinating committee of unions in Mexico is developing a ground-breaking transport symposium. It will bring together transport stakeholders to create a three-year plan to grow and activate union membership; develop innovative campaigns; and influencing global and regional policy.

Mexico is a critical transport hub in the region with ambitious expansion plans across all transport sectors. The government recently announced plans to invest heavily in infrastructure, including the expansion of its ports, rail capacity and major road improvements. Transportation is a key economic driver of Mexico’s economy, estimated to be worth over USD1 billion per year.

ITF assistant general secretary Rob Johnston said: “The Mexican government understands the importance of the transport sector, hence its investment strategy.

“We need to ensure that workers in the sector get the recognition and rights they deserve through organising.

“This symposium is a step towards that goal, and ownership for the plan must rest with our Mexican affiliates who ultimately will be responsible for its delivery”.

Mexico’s transport industry is estimated to employee over five million people, but the true figure could be much higher if informal workers associated with supply chains are included.

The ITF has been successfully mapping potential new affiliates to broaden its profile in Mexico. If realised, these new affiliates will lead to a significant increase in ITF influence and capacity across all transport sectors.

ITF Americas acting regional secretary Edgar Diaz added: “Mexico should be one of our largest affiliates in the Latin American and Caribbean region. The steps we are taking now will ensure that becomes a reality in the near future. Our affiliates are committed to make this happen, so we have a solid foundation for our work”.

In addition to the symposium, the ITF will hold its inland transport conference in Mexico in 2021, with union activists from over 100 countries expected to attend.

Benito Bahena Y Lome, ITF executive board member from the union Alianza de Tranviarios de México, welcomed the strategy: “I am happy to assist the ITF with our ambitious plans. For a long time, Mexico has been in the shadows, but the time is now right for us to have a bold plan”.

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