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Still at sea

ITF Seafarers' Trust Prize Photography Competition

Calling all seafarers! Win £1,000 for the best photograph of life at sea during Covid-19 

The ITF Seafarers Trust invites you to submit your photographic images of your maritime world during the Covid-19 pandemic. Tell the story in pictures of your experience of working at sea during these extraordinary times. Share the highs, the lows and the spaces in-between. Snap action shots or times of reflection. Immortalise your crew mates and capture the weather in pixels.

We seek to create a photographic archive of this extraordinary moment in history and record your impressions of life at sea during Covid-19. We are looking for great photos to show people ashore the realities of life on board.

Our aim is to tell the story of the men and women still working at sea to the world beyond maritime.

Send us your photos to help us tell your story and have a chance to win cash prizes.

1st prize £1,000
2nd prize £750
3rd prize £500

This competition is open to all serving seafarers. Photographs must be taken within the time period from 01 May to 30 September 2020.

Seafarers are invited to submit images of between 1Mb and 5Mb with a recommendation to be between 300 and 1024 pixels along the longest side. You are advised to keep an original copy in the largest possible format. Shortlisted entries will be contacted and requested to supply images in the largest possible file size. Images must have a file name and caption and be in JPEG format.

Each entrant can submit a maximum of 3 images.

Submit your photos

Thank you to all those who submitted images of life at sea during Covid-19. We were overwhelmed by the response and humbled to see photographic evidence of the fortitude and humour of the global band of seafarers.Please be sure to keep your original copies in the highest resolution format. We will be contacting the shortlisted entries over the next few weeks.The winners will be announced on 30 October here and on the ITF Seafarers’ Trust Facebook page.

Terms and conditions

This competition is open to serving seafarers only.

Only photographs taken within the time period from 01 May to 30 September 2020 will be accepted.

The ITFST reserves the right to reproduce submitted photos in the context of this competition, related exhibitions and other project material.

The ITFST will not use any photographs submitted for commercial gain.

Photographers will be fully credited.

Winning entries will be announced on 30 October 2020 on the ITFST FB page. The ITFST will make best efforts to contact the winning photographers prior to that date using the contact details provided.