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Still at Sea

STILL AT SEA, the ITF Seafarers’ Trust photography competition was launched on 25 August 2020 inviting seafarers to share their images of the highs and lows and the spaces in between of life at sea during Covid-19. The competition sought to put a human face and a visual context to the crewing crisis that continues despite the efforts of unions and elements of the shipping industry to pressure governments. The 2,919 submitted photographs form a fascinating archive of the many aspects of maritime life captured between 01 May and 30 September 2020, from engine rooms to fancy dress, from elation at the wonders of nature to despair of isolation and missing of family and friends.

The judges had an extraordinarily difficult task in selecting the three prize winners from such an eclectic collection. The winning images span the full range from the sublime to the ridiculous - heroic, peaceful and humorous in the face of adversity. In the coming months the ITF Seafarers’ Trust will be further developing the project to share the many stories of seafarers who are still at sea.

The Winners

Best photographs of life at sea during Covid-19
Ike S. Dagandanan

We are en route to China from Argentina, 40 days at sea, total lockdown.
We experienced bad weather which caused some of our stanchion posts to collapse. We used our best seamanship to protect the cargo, ship and environment, and most of all our prayers to almighty God for the safe voyage.

Jay Michael A.Ebueza
Secretly quiet

Amidst the pandemic,
beauty exists.

Carlo deuxson Santiago
No sign off?, no problem

I was cleaning our accommodation on a Sunday morning and decided to take silly photos.

Ceo Angelo D. Fajardo
Back to Work

A cadet going back to paint at the forward station as instructed by the Bosun as part of his one-year cadetship on board. As cadets we learn the basics of deck work so that when we become Nautical officers we will understand how the deck department operates as a whole.

John Rufo M. Bontilao
Shower Party

Cargo hold cleaning.

Mayvine Cloma
A Brave Women that can make a difference! Still blessed in spite of this pandemic..❤️

I remember the days of my first contract, a little bit scary because of discrimination but time goes by and I felt welcome. I wanted to prove to myself that I can do this - well it's really difficult but with faith and prayer nothing is impossible. I want to inspire women to pursue their dreams no matter what. Dream high! Fly high! This pandemic is a little bit different we can't go ashore to buy necessities (ha ha especially as a woman) like sanitary pads. Well lucky me I bought a lot before lockdown, so not such a big deal for me. I always think that I'm blessed to have a job, not like other people who are suffering now. Me, I have work, I can still support my family, I advise them to be happy, pray always and have faith. God is in control and everything will be alright soon. God bless us.

The Judges

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