Find an Inspector or Union


Please use the drop down menu at the bottom of the page to find contact details for the nearest ITF Inspector, Co-ordinator or affiliate union.

The ITF is here to help you. Help us to help you by having the following information available when contacting the ITF or leaving a message on an inspector's voice mail/answer machine:

1. Have the name of the ship (IMO number if known), flag and its whereabouts i.e. name of the port and number of pier

2. Next port of call in the event that the inspector is unavailable when the ship arrives

3. Your complaint (eg if you have not received your wages)

4. The number of crew on board

and, wherever possible, try and contact the ITF before the ship arrives in the port. This will enable the ITF inspectors to be more prepared to deal with your case.

A guide to the phonetic alphabet is linked to on the right of this page. This will be useful when contacting the ITF with details of names which are awkward or difficult to pronounce.


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