Thinking of taking industrial action?


Read this first!

The ITF is committed to assisting seafarers serving on flag of convenience ships to get just wages and proper collective agreement coverage.

Sometimes seafarers have to resort to legal action in local courts. On other occasions boycott action may be taken against a ship. Different actions are right for different places. The right action in one country may very well be wrong in another.

What you must do first is contact the local representative of the ITF. You will find contact email addresses and phone numbers in the centre of this bulletin. You should seek local advice before you take any action.

In some countries, the law actually works against you and your fellow crew members if you take strike action, and in such a case, the local ITF union representatives will explain this to you.

In many more countries, the key to winning a dispute is strike action. Once again, this depends on the local advice you receive. You have the legal right to strike in many countries, so long as your ship is in port and not at sea.

In any strike action it is important to remember to remain disciplined, peaceful and united. And remember, the right to strike is a basic human right guaranteed, in many countries, by the law or constitution.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget to talk to the local ITF representatives before you do anything. Working together, we can win the battle for justice and basic rights.