Please use the ITF Look Up a Ship tool to find specific flag, agreement and inspection information on your ship.

For Port State Control records and other ship information, please use the ship search tool within the Equasis website.

Equasis is a European Union project aimed at reducing substandard shipping.  The information contained within the site is collected from many different maritime industry sources and is free to use subject to a simple registration process.

The ITF also contributes to this website by providing basic details on vessel agreement coverage, latest crew list composition and the last ITF inspection directly from the ITF's central system.

Once registered it is possible to view this information by:
  1. Searching for a vessel using the IMO no, vessel name or call sign
  2. Once the required vessel has been selected click on the Inspection & Manning option
  3. On the displayed page click the ITF logo, from which a new page will be displayed with the relevant information.