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Warning on “Marathi Shipping Agency” – a sham and a scam

23 February 2017

The ITF is warning seafarers to avoid a “Marathi Shipping Agency” after two Indian cadets were shamefully deceived by a false job offer and found themselves out of pocket and stranded in a foreign country.

The two cadets had approached the agency in Mumbai to seek positions. They were asked to hand over USD1,500 each to process the paperwork to join a ship, the Swiss-flagged Lugano, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. A letter, supposedly from “Clarksons Port Services”, said an agent would meet them at Belfast airport to take them to the ship. However, when they arrived, there was no one to meet them. They managed to get in touch with the Seamen's Mission, but when the mission contacted Clarksons – a genuine agency – it found that it was not handling the Lugano.
Michael Whelan, ITF inspector Ireland, contacted the ship’s owners and agents to be told they had no knowledge of the seafarers. The two cadets, who were to be repatriated, have since crossed into Ireland seeking to join a ship there.
Mr Whelan said: “Seafarers should be aware of any job offers made by the so-called “Marathi Shipping Agency” as this outfit is a sham seeking to make money out of seafarers genuinely seeking work.”
The real Clarksons agency – which has never heard of the Marathi Shipping Agency – said that its letterhead is being falsely used, and has told its agents in Mumbai to be aware of the scam.
The ITF has been in contact with the National Union of Seafarers of India to warn them of the scam, which potentially targets its members.


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