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Tragic death of three crew off Mumbai

24 February 2017

The National Union of Seafarers of India is taking up with the authorities the case of five crew members gassed while trapped in a ballast tank, with three dying from poisonous gasses.

The tragic accident happened on board a barge, Orion II, while it was anchored to a Singaporean bulk carrier, Thor Endeavour, around 10 kilometres off the Mumbai coast. One of the barge’s nine crew had entered the ballast tank to fit a de-flooding pump. He fell unconscious due to the poisonous gasses, and four other crew members, including the master, who entered the tank to rescue him were then also trapped. The remaining crew managed to rescue one of the five; an Indian coastguard team that went to the spot found that three of the men had died, but were able to rescue the master.

The local police authority is investigating the matter.

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