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European shipping industry backs better regulation

3 March 2017

All the major shipping organisations in Europe – including the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) – have issued a joint statement welcoming the European Commission’s mid-term review of the European Union (EU) Maritime Transport Strategy 2009-2018, and backing its emphasis on better regulation for the industry, but also calling for a new shipping strategy beyond 2018. This strategy should include investment in “a highly skilled European workforce” and consistent implementation of international environmental and safety standards.

Speaking on behalf of the ETF, Nautilus general secretary Mark Dickinson told a European Shipping Week seminar that: “A more fairly regulated shipping industry will ensure a more skilled and certain jobs future for European seafarers.”

He added that: “Adequate regulation is needed for the shipping industry, to stamp out the downwards spiral in seafarers’ working lives, provide support for the maritime cluster and ensure the resilience of European shipping”, and that the shipping industry needed a strategy to continuously improve the minimum standards set out in the Maritime Labour Convention.

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