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UK detains eight foreign ships

7 April 2017

The United Kingdom detained eight foreign-flagged ships during March 2017 after they failed port inspections. The vessels included the following four new detentions.

The India-flagged Jag Pooga was found to have 23 deficiencies with four grounds for detention. These included a missing agreement for seafarers, poor fire and evacuation drills, and no international safety management (ISM).

The Belize-flagged Burhoy I had 18 deficiencies with seven grounds for detention, including problems with safety equipment and load lines. The Panama-flagged PRT Kaho was detained for its three deficiencies, including an inoperative emergency generator. The Antigua and Barbuda-flagged RMS Laars had 10 deficiencies and was detained because of lack of ISM.


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