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Cruise jobs scam warning

21 April 2017

The ITF is advising seafarers to be wary of emails claiming to be from “Princess Cruise Line Australia” offering a choice of 846 highly-paid jobs on board cruise ships. The content of the email appears to be a cut-and-paste version of similar fake job offer emails that have been doing the rounds over several years. The ITF points out that email address given to send CVs has the suspicious .su ending – a sign that it might be sent from scammers seeking to get seafarers to part with their money in return for jobs that don’t exist. (For further information on the .su suffix, see

The pay and conditions offered in the email are surprisingly generous, and a further clue that the email is a fake is the very poor English for a world-class cruise liner from an English-speaking nation.

Interestingly, the scam email lists the genuine website of Princess Cruises, on which you can find advice to job applicants to be aware of fraudulent cruise job offers such as this one – 

This is the address to use for genuine job applications to the company.


Please contact us on if you hear of any employment scams! Read the following article for advice on checking out job offers: 


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