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Helpline for Indian seafarers and their families

20 March 2017

The National Union of Seafarers of India (NUSI) has launched a helpline – NUSI Sahara – to support seafarers and their families who come under stress. NUSI points to the pressures that working at sea can bring to seafarers and their families: “The working and living conditions, long-time separation from family and home may also cause psychosocial problems in some seafarers … family members, particularly the wives of seafarers, also lead a challenging life at home … The children of seafarers also face difficult situations.”

NUSI Sahara will provide free one-to-one telephone help from trained counsellors around the clock, as well as the option for video talk or chat.

To get in touch with NUSI Sahara, seafarers and their families in India can call 180-030-026145 (toll free). Seafarers on board and outside India can contact a counsellor through Skype: search for "NUSI Sahara" and the NUSI logo.



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