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ITF calls for joint work to enforce standards for seafarers

12 May 2017

The ITF has called for greater cooperation in inspections to enforce minimum working and living conditions for seafarers, in a contribution to a high-level international conference in Vancouver, Canada. 

Speaking to the third joint ministerial conference of the Paris and Tokyo memoranda of understanding (MOU) on port state control, Branko Berlan, ITF’s accredited representative to the International Maritime Organization, welcomed improvement in safeguarding onboard conditions for seafarers that has followed implementation of the Maritime Labour Convention, which has given greater powers for port state control inspectors to enforce minimum standards. However, he added that: “there needs to greater cooperation with the ITF inspectorate and joint recognition that these are only minimal standards that need to be effectively monitored by both parties.”

Mr Berlan also raised the ITF’s concerns about the criminalisation of seafarers, and where onboard responsibility lies. He called for closer working between the ITF and the Paris and Tokyo MOU to ensure that: “the responsibilities and liabilities of the master and crew are proportionate to the control they effectively have”.



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