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Beware of cruise jobs scams

30 June 2017

Seafarers are reminded to be very wary of unsolicited emails claiming to be offering lucrative jobs on board cruise ships. These are usually scams sent round with criminal intent to persuade recipients to part with money or bank details to pay for fake visas or other documents. Some emails have been doing the round for several years and are usually “cut-and-paste” versions of a standard list of on-board jobs on offer, usually poorly written and from dubious email addresses. The recent versions seem to be coming from email addresses in Russia (ru) or ending in “su”.

A recent email, circulating in Spanish, claims to be offering jobs on board the “Port of Amsterdam Cruise Line”. It lists the genuine address for the Port of Amsterdam – not a cruise line – and a Russian email address. The email message is a repeat of previous job offer scams, listing over 60 possible posts (including “magician”), and claiming that the lowest paid job of a “fish packer” can command pay rates of up to EUR250 per hour, as well as free health care, education assistance and other prime benefits. 

In a more sophisticated scam, a seafarer who responded to an email purporting to offer a well-paid post on a P&O cruise liner Azura, and coming from an authentic-looking email address backed up with a fake website, was asked to send GPB560 to a “travel agency” to process his visa and other documents. This is the clue that it is a scam. You should always check out the official website of a cruise company for information on how to apply for posts – in this case the information can be found at:

You are advised to ignore these unsolicited emails and never respond to the senders or fake email addresses.

----------------------------------IS IT A RECRUITMENT SCAM?-----------------------------------

Please contact us on if you hear of any employment scams! Read the following article for advice on checking out job offers:


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