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Australia bans ship for underpaying crew

22 September 2017

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has banned a vessel after the ITF found that it was underpaying its crew – and covering this up.

The ITF complained to AMSA about the Panama-flagged bulk carrier DL Carnation after it found discrepancies in payments to the crew. An AMSA check on the ship while it was in Gladstone, Queensland discovered that it was keeping two sets of wage accounts; one set showed what the crew should have been receiving under their seafarer employment agreements while the second accounts showed what the crew was actually paid. The discrepancies between the two sets of accounts amounted to an underpayment of at least USD17,000 a month, going back to at least April 2017. 

AMSA detained the vessel for breaching the Maritime Labour Convention. It was released following confirmation that all the outstanding wages had been received by the crew, but it was then banned from entering or using any Australian port for 12 months.

AMSA said it took “a zero tolerance approach to the mistreatment of crew, and all vessels coming to our shores should be aware of the consequences”.


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