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ITF finds Australian company underpaying crew

5 January 2018

An ITF inspection of an Australia-owned, Bahamas-flagged vessel in Melbourne found that it was underpaying Filipino seafarers who were in effective operating full time on the Australian coast. Instead of receiving “award” rates for their work in Australian coastal waters, the crew of the 

Canadian Shipping Lines (CSL) Australia-owned Diana were receiving low flag of convenience (FOC) wages.

Pointing out that CSL is increasingly replacing Australian crew with foreign seafarers in its coastal trading, ITF Australia coordinator Dean Summers

said: “Under Australian legislation all foreign workers must be paid award rates while operating in the local trade.” ITF Australia has called on the country’s Fair Work Ombudsman to investigate further the underpayment of foreign crew.

Mr Summers said: “The ITF demands the government investigates these clear breaches of our trading laws immediately and prosecutes the perpetrators.” 

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