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Ukraine pioneers HIV/AIDS course for maritime students

26 January 2018

A first-ever course for maritime students about HIV/AIDS prevention has been introduced into Ukraine’s maritime academy. The module, the first such course in a European maritime labour supply nation, was made possible through the work of the Marine Transport Workers’ Trade Union of Ukraine (MTWTU), in collaboration with the ITF.

The module on HIV/AIDS prevention is available to the 300 students taking the Kherson State Maritime Academy bachelor of science degree in navigation and ship power engineering, and is part of the course programme on occupational safety and labour protection.

The training programme follows a visit to the academy as part of the ITF/MTWTU joint seafarers' welfare project. Two of the academy’s experts received specialist training from the International Labour Organization (ILO) and MTWTU, and the German development agency GIZ helped the development of training materials.

Oleg Grygoriuk, MTWTU first vice chair, said: “As a trade union, what matters to us is both the working conditions and wages of seafarers and their welfare. The adoption of preventive measures to maintain the health of young seafarers is essential and needs to be taught well.”

ITF global HIV and wellbeing co-ordinator Dr Asif Altaf congratulated the MTWTU on the pioneering project, and added that the ITF would be working with the MTWTU to introduce similar modules in other maritime schools in Ukraine and use this model in other labour supply countries in the region.


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