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ITF helps abandoned crew to get home after 17 months

2 February 2018

Eleven crew members from the Panama-flagged Aegean Princess who were abandoned in Ajman, United Arab Emirates (UAE) for 17 months have finally been able to return home, thanks to assistance from the ITF. The seafarers, who have now returned to India and Myanmar, were left stranded after a dispute between their ship’s operator and owner.

ITF inspector Mohamed Arrachedi, who has been helping the crew since they were abandoned in June 2016, explained that the ITF worked closely with the UAE Federal Transport Authority, and with the cooperation of Panama, to end the crew’s abandonment in UAE waters, and added that: “As the UAE moves towards fully complying with the Maritime Labour Convention. all seafarers will enjoy the greater protection they deserve when working there.”

However, although the crew are now all back home, they are still owed over USD 916,000 in wages they have not received since 2015.


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