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ITF Canada supports unpaid and stranded crew

28 September 2018

The ITF in Canada has been supporting the crew of a Turkish-flagged vessel who have been left without pay and refused repatriation. Inspections of the Duzgit Endeavour by the ITF and port authorities found that the crew had not been paid since 1 July 2018. In addition, the ship’s operator refused to allow two crew members to go home at the end of their contract more than two months ago, instead they were instructed to remain on board despite receiving no pay.

The Seafarers’ International Union of Canada (SIU) called on the Government of Canada to enforce the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) standards “and ensure that the crew receive their hard-earned wages and are not subject to additional labour abuse”.

Welcoming the actions of the port authorities and ITF officers in finding these major abuses, James Given, president of the SIU, called for those involved with this vessel while in Canadian waters to be banned from the TFWP, “for this continued abuse of international seafarers”.

Under the new TFW Maritime Guidelines for Seafarers, which came into effect on 11 September, foreign seafarers are required to know their rights and have new employment contracts outlining the company’s obligations when operating in Canada.

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Are you having problems with getting your pay in full? If you are, this could be a sign that your company is in economic trouble. You should contact your union or the ITF directly as soon as possible to protect your wages and employment. 


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