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How do you feel? ITF survey on seafarers’ mental health

2 November 2018

While the mental health of seafarers is currently a major concern, there has been limited research into this issue. Now a unique study by Yale University, commissioned by the ITF seafarers' section and funded though the ITF Seafarers' Trust, aims to get a picture of seafarers' mental health.

Following a test run with 100 seafarers at the port of Newark, New Jersey, USA, the university has finalised the English-language survey, which aims to reach at least 2,000 seafarers. The aim of the project is to increase the mental health wellness and overall wellbeing of seafarers by understanding the risk factors associated with seafarer stress, depression and anxiety.

The ITF says that the findings from the study “will promote greater understanding of the mental health burden on seafarers, reduce stigma associated with mental illness, identify and reduce risks of depression and anxiety, and allow for appropriate recommendations to improve the shipping environment through mental health support”.  

The online survey is anonymous to complete and takes about 10 minutes. To take part in the survey, go to:


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