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ITF opposes loss of Australian-crewed shipping service

28 January 2019

The ITF has condemned the decision by the BHP company to cut the Australian crew from two iron ore shipping vessels and replace them with foreign crew on flag of convenience (FoC) vessels. The ITF says the move, which will mean the loss of 80 jobs for Australian seafarers, ends more than 100 years of Australian-crewed iron ore shipping.

Supporting the right of Australians seafarers to be employed in the domestic trade under Australian conditions, ITF seafarers’ section chair Dave Heindel called on BHP to reverse the decision.

James Given, chair of the ITF’s cabotage task force commented that: “The ITF has consistently opposed the alarming use of legal loopholes to circumvent national legislation that is intended to secure the rights of Australian seafarers and their entitlements in Australia’s domestic shipping trade.” He called on BHP to meet with the unions to return to the status quo, and to work with the ITF “to ensure protections for all seafarers in their global supply chain.” 


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