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ILO aims for 100 states to sign MLC

28 January 2019

2019 is the centenary year of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and it hopes to celebrate the anniversary by achieving 100 member states signing up to the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC). The MLC sets worldwide minimum standards for the living and working conditions of seafarers.

The MLC has so far been ratified by 90 member states, representing more than 91 percent of the world merchant shipping fleet. However, important states have yet to back the convention, including the USA and much of South America, Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.  

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The ILO says that ratification and implementation of the MLC benefits the world’s 1.5 million seafarers, shipowners and flag, port and labour-supplying states, as well as contributing to the achievement of the United Nations sustainable development goal on sustainable oceans. 


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