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UK detains six foreign ships

1 March 2019

The United Kingdom authorities detained six foreign-flagged vessels during January for failing port inspections.

The Togo-flagged Aressa was found to have 23 deficiencies with 13 grounds for detention, including the absence of a range of required documents, such as seafarers’ employment agreements, maritime labour compliance and evidence of financial security for repatriation. It also had inadequate life jackets and poorly maintained life-saving appliances. The St Vincent and the Grenadines-flagged Greta was also detained because of an invalid seafarers’ employment agreement, invalid maritime labour compliance and inadequate wages; it had 10 deficiencies.

The Cook Islands-flagged Birch was found to have 32 deficiencies and was detained on nine grounds, including poor fire pumps, steering gear and other equipment, poor maintenance and inadequate international safety management (ISM).

The Panama-flagged Navios Prosperity had 23 deficiencies and was detained on 10 grounds, including no established working language on board, poor firefighting equipment and life-saving appliances, lack of fire drills, broken launching for survival craft, missing charts and no ISM. The Panama-flagged Gala Trio had 16 deficiencies and was detained for poor fire prevention and no ISM. The Marshall Islands-flagged Yasa Unsal Sunar had 15 deficiencies and was detained for poor safety.




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