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Canadian union protests against underpayment of crew  

8 October 2017

The Seafarers’ International Union of Canada (SIU) has protested to the Canadian government about poor labour standards for foreign seafarers after it found that the crew onboard a Singapore-flagged vessel were being paid as little as CAD1.46 per hour.

The SIU says that the crew of the Bro Anna, which has been allowed to operate in Canadian waters since June 2017, carries a crew who come from India, Philippines, Poland, Romania and Russia, with permits to work in Canada. 

Calling on the federal government to ensure that such foreign workers are paid legal wages, James Given, president of SIU Canada, commented that: “Temporary foreign workers aboard this vessel are being exploited and not given their rights while working in Canada.

The SIU Canada, which has raised the case with the ITF, has called on the Canadian authorities to detain the ship until the crew have received all the wages and benefits due to them under the Canada Labour Code. The amount owed to the crew totals USD418,000 (approximately CDN546,000). The union says that the government of Canada must work swiftly “to ensure the crew receives their hard-earned wages and are not subjected to labour abuse”. 


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