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“Princess Cruise” jobs scam warning

17 November 2017

The ITF is advising seafarers to be wary of a current jobs recruitment scam claiming to be from “Princess Cruises”.

The scam is in an email that’s being sent round with an advert showing a glamourous lifestyle at sea and offering “free world travel”, “high salaries”, “two months’ vacation”, and a “package” of USD5,000-8,000, with an apparent “10,000” positions available.

The giveaway that this is not a genuine approach from a reputable international company is that the email is being sent from a Yahoo account. The email also mentions sponsored visas and flights, and this is likely to be a route for the scammers to take money from unsuspecting job applicants. People responding to the email address are likely to be asked to send money or to provide bank account details. The scammers are only interested in taking your money, and this is fraud. 

To make a job application to the real Princess Cruise line, you should go to: 

The Princess Cruise website also offers a warning about fraudulent employment offers.

------------------------------------IS IT A RECRUITMENT SCAM?------------------------------------------------------

Please contact us on if you hear of any employment scams! Read the following article for advice on checking out job offers:


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