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Union protests at low pay for North Sea crews

2 March 2018

A British maritime union took its campaign for fair pay for North Sea seafarers to the streets of Aberdeen, Scotland. The RMT union is calling for crew members on commercial vessels working from and between UK ports in the North Sea to be paid at least the UK minimum wage.

The union held a protest outside the office of the local Scottish Conservative MP to raise the issue. In a linked action, RMT members also protested outside the offices of Oil & Gas UK, calling for employers in the offshore oil and gas industry to work with trade unions to lift barriers to employment for offshore workers.

RMT is concerned that foreign workers onboard UK commercial vessels plying North Sea routes to and from UK ports are paid less than the UK minimum wage of GBP7.50 an hour for over-25s (the rate is less for younger workers, with the lowest minimum of GBP3.50 for apprentices). The union has found examples of foreign seafarers earning as little as GBP3.75 an hour.

Despite UK government guidance that offshore workers operating in UK waters should be paid at least the minimum wage, the RMT said this advice would have no impact on low pay.The UK Chamber of Shipping has observed that the government guidance does not change any seafarers’ legal entitlement to the National Minimum Wage or the Equality Act when working in UK waters.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash commented that the union was "campaigning hard for more jobs and training for seafarers and offshore workers in the UK".

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