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Short Film: 'A Seafarer’s Tale'

ITF Media: A Seafarer's Tale
A Seafarer's Tale, 1998: An animated story about a seafarer who signs up for a ship flying a Flag of Convenience (FOC). Commissioned by the ITF to mark the 50th year of its campaign against FOCs.

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In 1998, the ITF commissioned this animated short film, as part of its activities to mark the 50th anniversary of the campaign against Flags of Convenience.

The film tells the tale of how Special Investigator Al Ross handles the case of Paco, an unfortunate seafarer who signs up to work on a flag of convenience ship. Paco organises a strike on board. Company heavies are sent in to break the strike, but are thwarted by solidarity action from dockers’ organised with the help of the ITF.

The film was shown on board the ITF’s campaign ship Global Mariner, as part of a floating exhibition, which toured the world between 1998 and 2000 publicising the FOC Campaign and highlighting seafarers’ rights.

The film was written, designed and directed by Tony White. It was produced by Ruth Beni of Animus Entertainments in London.

In January 1999, the film won a bronze medal in the 41st Annual Film and Video Awards, run by the New York Festivals. The award came in the category on the promotion of peace and human rights.