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News | 27 Sep 2023 Press Release

ITF recovers almost US$120 million in unpaid wages for seafarers over last three years

Inspectors from the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) recovered USD $118,529,663 in wages owed to seafarers between 2020 and 2022, figures...

News | 25 Sep 2023 Press Release

The callous shipowner who drives seafarers to despair while the world looks on

It has taken the attempted suicide of a seafarer to get Sea Lion Shipping Co to respond to repeated and urgent warnings about the welfare of its crews from the...

News | 25 Sep 2023 Press Release

IBF deal done: 250,000 seafarers pay boosted by 6%

Seafarers’ unions and maritime employers have signed a four-year agreement that will see significant wage increases and dozens of workplace protections and...

News | 19 Sep 2023 Press Release

Trade unions globally protest union-busting ‘green’ company Ørsted

London, Copenhagen, New York – Hundreds of trade unions from across the world will join together in protest against union-busting measures taken by renewable...

News | 26 Jul 2023 Press Release

New ITF guidance shows companies how to respect the human rights of seafarers shipping cargo

With 90% of goods transported by sea, companies rely on seafarers to keep their supply chains moving. As human rights due diligence (HRDD) laws expand in scope and...

News | 24 Jul 2023 Press Release

Only mandatory standards can rescue troubled ferries sector

A bilateral agreement was signed today in Paris between France and the United Kingdom over voluntary seafarer employment and welfare standards. While the...

News | 20 Jul 2023

Workers win Just Transition commitment in landmark IMO climate deal

Seafarers’ unions have won landmark commitments to a Just Transition for the world’s maritime workforce as part of the International Maritime Organization’s...

News | 26 Jun 2023 Press Release

President Marcos Jr. and shipping industry put seafarer top of agenda at Manila summit

President Marcos Jr. of the Philippines called for cross sectoral support to increase employment retention at an exclusive summit focused entirely on...